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Stories from our programs and ministries 

"I was with an outreach team and we met a man asking for prayer for pain in his back and hips after a bad fall. We gathered around him and prayed. After a few minutes of prayer, he looked up with excitement in his eyes. We told him to stand and see if there was a difference in the amount of pain he felt. He stood and with a big smile on his face said, “I want to dance!” After years of discomfort, he was standing free of all pain in his back and hips! He shared that when we were praying he felt heat moving up his back. We were able to tell him about the healing power of the Holy Spirit and he and his family gave their lives to Christ!"


Staff Member | YWAM Mazatlan

"After evening outreach we were carrying our artwork back to the base and a woman stopped me to ask if I was the artist. I took the opportunity to ask her if she needed prayer for anything. She said "I'm fine". I touched her shoulder and she looked at me through teary eyes. She shared with me that she used to follow Jesus but she has gotten further and further away from him. I told her that no matter what happened God is not any further from her. She then opened up to me. She told me that she got divorced, stopped going to church, and that she felt unworthy and too far gone. She said, 'I should be doing what you are doing! Not partying in carnaval.' I shared with her that our painting represented the story of the woman at the well. I told her that when you are touched by Jesus you are made completely pure. I told her Jesus is waiting with open arms, but she needed to make the decision today. I prayed with her to break the lie that she is too far gone and she gave her life back to Jesus that night! I could see how God was speaking to her through our painting that she could be pure again."


Evalyn G.
Staff Member | YWAM Mazatlan

"I was hosting a visiting team and we were doing Bibles For Mexico distribution. While talking to our taxi driver he became interested in the ministry. He asked us to distribute Bibles in his neighborhood. We had been distributing in one area for a while and when I checked the map, his neighborhood was the one remaining section we needed to cover. So we went to his neighborhood and split up into groups to start distribution. The driver asked my group if we could first pray for his wife who had been having back pain for 2 months. We went to their home, prayed for her back, and it was completely healed. After the miracle, she wanted to get baptized! We began to have a time of worship in their home. Then her daughter came in and heard the testimony of her mothers healing. She was so amazed by God that she wanted to be baptized as well! At the conclusion of our time, the other groups started coming back with similar testimonies. Someone's hand was healed, a cartel member accepted Jesus, someone's hip was healed, and more! It was the wildest day of ministry I have ever been a part of!"


Staff Member | YWAM Mazatlan

"The Homes of Hope team had met a mother that had lost her home and everything she owned in a very recent electrical storm, leaving her and her children without a roof over their heads. We had a current team of volunteers on base that had expressed a desire to build a house but had been unable to. When Homes of Hope learned of this bad news from the mother, the team was ready to start building immediately. We got to work and were able to build a new house for her and her children and had it completed just one week after they had lost their home. We have visited the family since and have been able to witness the very real difference the ministry makes. Through this, God has again shown us that he is a provider and his timing is always perfect."

Visiting Team | YWAM Mazatlan

"We were walking around Carnival asking the Lord who to pray for, when I saw a man walking with crutches. I immediately felt God's compassion for this man, and felt like God wanted to heal him as a reminder that He cares about his pain. So we engaged him in conversation and he shared that his tibia was fractured. I asked if we could pray for him. We prayed twice and the second time he said it felt like there was less pressure. He walked away and I felt strongly like he was healed but afraid to try to walk without the crutches. My other friend also felt God wanted to free him of that fear so he could walk without the crutches and testify of what God had done. We prayed for him one more time and he began to take steps without the crutches. Then he held them up in the air saying, 'JESUS HEALED ME!' It was amazing to see how God moved in this man's body but also in his heart!"⁠


Staff Member | YWAM Mazatlan

"We recently traveled to a small city outside of Mazatlan called El Rosario. We felt God had been telling us to expand our ministry into other cities, and felt that Bible distribution would be a great way to open doors in a new place. When we arrived we began distribution and saw many people coming to Christ, repenting, and being healed. At the last house with my last Bible, I was greeted by a woman and asked her if she would like a Bible. Her surprising response was, "No. You gave me one already." I was confused because it was my first time there. She then told me that she used to live in Mazatlan and that I had given her a Bible four years ago. She even brought it out for me to see. She had been treasuring it and trying to share it with her family. She told us that she brought it with her when she moved because it was very valuable to her. We got the chance to share the gospel with her and pray for her. We also were able to pray for her son and share a specific encouragement for him from the Holy Spirit. We could very clearly see God touching their family. This got my attention because sometimes we can take the Bible for granted. But this family was so grateful for having the Bible that they didn't want to ever let it go."


Juan Carlos C.
Staff Member | YWAM Mazatlan


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