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Join the Movement

Have you done your DTS and are ready for more?

For many, DTS is the beginning of the adventure with Jesus—joining staff is the extension of it. It's your chance to join a dynamic, fun-loving community that is passionate about reaching the nations for Jesus.

Joining staff at YWAM Mazatlan is easy. The first step is to complete our Artios Internship, a specialized program tailored to give you that “more” you are looking for. Then, once completed, you'll be able to apply to join us as a full-time staff member!

Our staffing experience is unique. You’ll be living and working alongside passionate YWAMers from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds, all focused on one thing: “To know God and make him known."

What better way to continue your missionary journey than becoming a full-time staff member with YWAM?

Steps to Join Staff


Apply for the Artios Internship

You must complete our 12-week Artios Internship before you can officially join us on staff.


Complete the internship and apply to be on staff

During the internship you'll have the chance to apply to be a full-time staff member.


Begin the adventure in full-time missions

Now that you're better equipped to pursue your missionary calling, you'll officially join our staff team and together we'll work to mobilize this generation for the Great Commission!

Why an internship?

"ARTIOS" (ar-tay-ohs) is a Greek word that means to be complete and ready, because you’ve been prepared. That's exactly what our 12-week Artios Internship is designed to doprepare you to join us on staff.

The Artios Internship was created to give you a firsthand, on-the-job experience of what it's like to be staff at YWAM Mazatlan. Our goal is to help further develop godly character in you while focusing on your leadership skills. By the end of it, you'll be prepared and ready to apply to join us on staff.


Do First, Then Teach

Artios is designed to be focused and intentional, allowing you time to understand our YWAM campus and culture before applying to be on Staff.


A Space to Grow

Daily classes to help develop godly character while focusing on your leadership skills.


Smooth Integration

You’ll fully integrate with our YWAM community and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a missionary on the field.


Live/Learn Community

Our YWAM campus is a dynamic "live/learn" environment, meaning we live together and learn together at the same time. It's what will make your internship more impactful.


Prepared to Thrive

We want to prepare you to thrive wherever God calls you. The internship will offer key leadership teachings as well as practical tips and advice for all aspects of your life.


Combining Work and Class

The work training, along with the rich teaching times, will help you become fully prepared to be staff at YWAM Mazatlan if you choose to do so after the internship.

Internship service role

As an Artios intern you'll not only be focusing on developing your leadership skills in the classroom, but also get the chance to apply what you’re learning in real, practical ways during your service placement.

There are two main departments where Artios interns serve: Community Life (CL) and Facilities.

Within CL, intern roles include working in Hospitality and the Kitchen. In Facilities, roles include working in Maintenance, Transport, and Base Cleaning. Roles within other departments do become available from time to time, so it's possible you could be placed in a department outside of CL and Facilities.

The HR department will assign your service role. You’ll be expected to work in that role for the duration of the 12 weeks.

Weekly schedule

The Artios schedule is designed to allow you to get the most out of the 12-week internship. Your day will be divided between attending campus-wide events like worship, intercession and Staff Connect, working in a service role, and going to class. Apart from one evening a week, the rest of your evenings and most weekends will be free.

You'll be given two opportunities to apply for staff during the 12-week internship period.

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Upcoming Internships

January 2024

January 8th - March 29th

Arrival Days: January 6th - 7th

April 2024

April 8th - June 28th

Arrival Days:     April 6th - 7th

July 2024

July 8th - September 27th

Arrival Days: July 6th - 7th

September 2024

September 30th - December 20th

Arrival Days: September 28 - 29th

Cost of the Internship

A Nation: $18,500 MXN 
B Nation: $13,700 MXN 
C Nation: $8,300 MXN

Internship fees must be paid in full by the end of Week 3.

*Failure to pay may result in dismissal from the internship program.

Get In Contact

Want to get in touch? Feel free to reach out to us at artiosinternship@ywammazatlan.com.

Areas of Service


Community Life

Kitchen & Hospitality


Homes of Hope

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Schools & Student Mobilization


Staff Services



Bibles for Mexico, Do Justice, & Local Ministries


YWAM Ships



Maintenance, Transport, & Security



Accounting & Legal

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Marketing & Media

Interested in knowing more? Let's get in touch!