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Expedition and Adventure DTS

Offered at Durango Campus

What is a Discipleship Training School?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intensive 5-month discipleship program designed to equip you to Know God and Make God Known.

Start by building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, get trained to share the gospel in any context, then be sent out to the nations to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

*Applicants must be 18 years of age before arrival date.


3-Month Lecture Phase

  • Attend daily classes focused on learning who God is and who He's created you to be
  • Discover God's heart for the nations and find your calling to influence society
  • Live in a thriving community made up of nations all over the world
  • Experience the radiant city of Mazatlan full of cultural beauty and delicious food
  • Get hands-on experience from our local ministries

2-Month Outreach Phase

  • Get sent to the nations to spread the love of Jesus Christ
  • Preach the gospel, feed the poor, heal the sick, and share your testimony
  • Immediately put into practice what you learned in the "Lecture Phase"
  • Travel with your fellow students and staff that have become like family
  • Be pushed outside of your comfort zone as you hear and obey God's voice

What is Expedition and Adventure DTS?

This DTS is an excursion, an expedition of striving beyond your limits for the sake of the Gospel.
We will sleep under the stars, build campfires, and share stories of what God has done!
In the Lecture Phase, you will learn about God’s character and nature as well as His heart for the lost.
We will partner with local churches and farmers to plant and harvest to see families and the generations reconciled to the love of God.
On outreach, you will continue the voyage and take up the challenge of bringing the gospel to the isolated people of the world.
You could be doing anything from hiking through the mountains of Mexico to sailing the Sea of Cortez or traveling into the nations.
You will be stretched beyond your breaking point and required to go further, do more, and pray harder than ever before.

Step Out in Faith

Join the excursion, the expedition of risking everything for the sake of the Gospel.


Adventure with God

Join the adventure and explore, to seek and to discover new things, and to become captivated within the story of God.


Be Trained and Prepared

Be prepared to embark on a journey to know God in a much more intimate way like never before.


Pioneer With Us

Adventure and explore the hospitality of the locals of the city of Durango as we make friends, dive deep into relationships, and disciple mentalities through local outreach.

Who is Expedition and Adventure DTS for?

The Expedition DTS is not for the weak, nor the lazy. It's for those with a pioneering heart ready to start their journey to knowing God in a much more intimate way.
Do you crave adventure? Are you ready to set aside everything and take big risks to come and pioneer with us?

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FAQ's and Resources

Have other questions? Email us at schools@ywammazatlan.com

How fluent do I need to be in Spanish or English?

We are a completely bilingual campus! Meaning, speaking only Spanish or English will be more than enough.  If neither Spanish nor English is your first language, you just need to comprehend and/or speak one.  That being said, we’ve had students in the past that weren’t fluent in either of our languages, and they’ve been willing, amazing people that brought amazing life and culture to our base family. Pray about it! We don't want to hold you back if you're called here.

How far away will I be from everything?

What are the eating/cooking arrangements?

Is there a dress code on the base?

How much luggage can I bring?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

How do I raise money for my DTS/Secondary School?

What is the weather like in Mazatlan?

How do I pay for my school?

Is there phone or internet access?

How much spending money will I need?

What’s supplied in my room?

How should I bring my spending money?

What about laundry?

Is it safe?

Is there any way I can prepare for outreach before coming?

Biggest recommendation?

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