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Bible Lighthouse

Bible School for the Nations

A practical, life-giving study from Genesis to Revelation.

The BSN is an inspiring trip through the whole Old and New Testament. During the study, the participants will examine the kingdom of God, His nature and character, His purposes in history, and His interaction with the creation. We focus on the vital message of the gospel and Christian life, discovering practical principles of leadership, civil government, and the economy. Understanding these principles is essential for cooperating with God in bringing forth transformation and freedom to the nations. 
The 6 month BSN core course is designed to provide a Biblical foundation, tools and skills for those who are hungry for the Living Word. As you study the Scriptures, deepen in your love for God and your desire to share His Word in the nations.

During the four month lecture phase of the BSN, students will grow in their biblical worldview as they gain an overall understanding of the Bible while studying it chronologically. With a focus on personal and societal application, students’ confidence in God will be enlarged as they understand His character, how He brings about His purposes in history, and learn His intentions for each sphere of society. 
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While learning various tools to interactively study the Bible, students will understand God’s Word in the context of its history, culture and literary styles. Skills will be developed to appropriately approach and study difficult passages as well as prepare and deliver topical and textual messages, along with Bible storying. Further training is provided for students to become more creative and effective communicators so they not only know the Word, but know how to convey it. The two month outreach portion provides opportunity to disciple communities by providing culturally relevant and strategic Bible training (BELT) to those who will influence others. 

Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite for BSN.

This is a bilingual school – English and Spanish. 


Lecture Phase

The BSN uses a chronological methodology to study Scripture in order to see the hand of God and His eternal purposes in history. There is an emphasis on application, throughout 16 weeks participants will learn in an interactive way of how to study and understand the Bible in the context of its history, culture and grammar. 

We develop tools to draw a closer understanding to difficult passages and develop a Bible Topic compilation for future personal teaching. There are also opportunities for the participants to convert into more creative and effective communicators.
  • Panoramic view of Truth
  • Old Testament Course
  • New Testament Course
  • Introduction to historical-grammatical method for biblical principles such as:
  • Civil Government
  • Education
  • Economics

Outreach Phase

Outreach will help participants grow in their abilities of leadership and teamwork, also helping gain practical experience in giving Biblical Seminars in transcultural situations. The outreach teams will offer Biblical Training to Pastors, church leaders and youth that have a hunger for Truth and want to learn how to become agents of transformation in their different settings. 

We partner with the interdenominational body of Christ to offer Education Training to churches in remote locations, who are otherwise unable to have access to these opportunities.


For more than 20 years, BELT has been equipping leaders around the world to make a difference for Christ. Whether in a remote village or an urban center, whether the marketplace or a government office, whether the pulpit or a classroom, lives are rewritten as the Bible and the Holy Spirit redesign thinking and hearts.

BELT is a ministry of Youth With Mission, a global movement of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world, whose purpose is to know God and to make Him known.

The Bible School for the Nations (BSN) is a 6-month program that enables the student to:

 Deepen their understanding of the Message of the Bible as it is understood as one unique story
Get training on how to disciple the communities and nations effectively
Learn how to use tools for a life of studying the Bible
Apply and use the Bible in every area of life and society
To engage audiences and communicate effectively and creatively

Learn how to preach the Gospel in villages, churches, jungles, and more


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