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Carnaval Outreach


Welcome To One of YWAM Mazatlan’s Craziest Mission Trips!


400,000 people. 7 Days. 1 person… Jesus. Come join us in 2021!

Said to be the third largest Mardi Gras in the world, tens of thousands of people bombard the city each year ready to enjoy the festival. As one of YWAM Mazatlan’s mission trips, this outreach has a mandate to ‘transform Mazatlan one party at a time’. We invite teams from around the world, as well as the local churches to partner with us as we plunge head first into the 6 day festival. Our Carnaval outreach is broad and focused on children, youth, and adults. Performing arts, skate and graffiti competitions, free coffee and hair cuts, are just a few ways YWAM Mazatlan demonstrates the love of God to this major event.

Who is Carnaval Outreach for?

Just about anyone who wants to share the love of Christ with others! We invite youth groups, outreach teams from other YWAM campuses, families, individuals, school alumni, and everyone in between. Our outreach time is for anyone who wants an extremely unique and full-on experience on the mission field, during this once-a-year event!

Mazatlan Sunset Olas Altas

A Look Into Carnaval Outreach

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How can I participate? 

The Carnaval Outreach hosts teams that serve in different capacities. Below is a list of the various opportunities and needs for the Carnaval Outreach.

Evangelism Teams

Worship Teams and Musicians

Drama Teams


Filmmakers and photographers




February 2021. Dates TBA


Outreach, Food, & Housing:

A Nation: $25USD/day

B Nation: $300MXN/day

C Nation: $15USD/day

Outreach & Food: (If you choose to stay off base)

A Nation: $10USD/day

B Nation $200MXN/day

C Nation $10USD/day


For more information send us an email at: carnaval@ywammazatlan.com


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FAQ's & Resources

Have other questions? Email us at schools@ywammazatlan.com

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