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Carnaval Outreach

*2022 Registration now closed*

Welcome to one of our wildest mission trips ever.


40,000 people. 7 Days. 1 person: Jesus. Come join us in 2022!

Mazatlan hosts the third largest Carnaval in the world with tens of thousands of people coming from all over to our city. Our heart is to preach the gospel to as many people as we can through different and creative ways. The Vision is to ‘transform Mazatlan one party at a time’ through 5 days of focused and unique ministry opportunities; evangelism through art, music, and coffee, skate competitions, bible distribution, and more. We invite people from all over to come and partner with us to see hearts changed, people healed, demons casted out, the love of God experienced for the first time by so many. This is a mission trip like no other that will stretch your faith and be participants and witnesses of the overwhelming power of God. Come, join us, and bring your friends and families to be a part of this evangelistic wave to the city of Mazatlan using your passions and talents to express the gospel in new and exciting ways.

Who is Carnaval Outreach for?

Carnaval outreach is for those who have a burning passion for Jesus and a hunger to make him known to others! We welcome all who want to come and experience the transformational power of Jesus. If you are a church, college group, youth group, family, individual, or YWAM outreach team we invite you to come and share this wild week.

A Look at Carnaval 


How can I participate? 

The Carnaval Outreach hosts teams that serve in different capacities. Below is a list of the various opportunities and needs for the Carnaval Outreach.

Evangelism Teams

Worship Teams and Musicians

Artists, Dancers, Fine Arts

Justice Seekers






February 21-27, 2022

Arrival dates: February 19-20, 2022

Departure date: February 28th, 2022


$35 USD - registration fee and t-shirt

Option 1: $35 USD - only meals for 7 days

Option 2: $140 USD - housing and meals for 7 days

*limited housing, first come first serve


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