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The Prophetic W.I.S.E. School

(Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism)

Offered at our YWAM Mazatlan, Mazatlan campus

Nurture the gifts God has given you.

The Prophetic WISE school equips students through in-depth teaching and experiences in key elements of the Christian life: the prophetic, worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, and evangelism. Students receive a biblical understanding in how vital these elements are in everyday life and in Christian ministry.

Worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, and evangelism in the prophetic are essential for seeing change in all areas of society and the nations. The prophetic WISE school promotes strong relationship and intimacy with the Lord, which allows individuals to see the world as God does. WISE is a school that calls Christians into deep relationship with the Lord, to hear His leading and guidance in every situation.

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Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite for WISE.

This school is bilingual, with all classes being offered in both English and Spanish.


Lecture Phase

Our heart is to create an environment where you have an opportunity to further explore the depths of God and learn his Father's heart. The WISE provides an atmosphere where you can experience healing in every element of your original design in order to minister freedom through worship, prayer, and evangelism. One of our goals is that our students would learn to be lead by the Holy Spirit and express God's heart to the people and places we influence.  The WISE also aims to help you identify your God-given gifts and learn to use them in ministry.

Jesus said, "You will do greater things than me". The WISE school gives you the chance to apply that to your life as you grow in deeper understanding of what Jesus meant when he said it.

Outreach Phase

During the WISE outreach phase, you'll witness what God wants to do in a city or ministry through your worship and intercession, spiritual battling, prophetic acts, teachings on the elements of the WISE, and more. 

Similar to a DTS outreach, you'll grow in stepping out of your comfort zone in evangelism through a deeper revelation of God's love for his children. Unlike a DTS outreach, you'll be very intentional in modeling the elements of the WISE to churches, YWAM bases, students, friends, and strangers. You'll be ministering freedom and identity through Jesus. Prepare to be stretched as you put your spiritual gifts to work, partnering with what God is already doing to expand his kingdom in the nations!

Topics you'll cover


Grow in areas of prophecy, worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, and evangelism


Learn to activate on God's word, and watch His wonder in others lives, our lives, ministries, and cities


Become comfortable with the prophetic, being lead by the Holy Spirit


Increase confidence in the ability to hear His voice and communicate His heart and will for people, places, nations and cultures


Step out in faith to witness healing, miracles, and freedom


Understand your place in the spiritual battle, and the authority God gave us in prayer

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FAQ's and Resources

Have other questions? Email us at schools@ywammazatlan.com

How fluent do I need to be in Spanish or English?

We are a completely bilingual campus! Meaning, speaking only Spanish or English will be more than enough.  If neither Spanish nor English is your first language, you just need to comprehend and/or speak one.  That being said, we’ve had students in the past that weren’t fluent in either of our languages, and they’ve been willing, amazing people that brought amazing life and culture to our base family. Pray about it! We don't want to hold you back if you're called here.

How far away will I be from everything?

What are the eating/cooking arrangements?

Is there a dress code on the base?

How much luggage can I bring?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

How do I raise money for my DTS/Secondary School?

What is the weather like in Mazatlan?

How do I pay for my school?

Is there phone or internet access?

How much spending money will I need?

What’s supplied in my room?

How should I bring my spending money?

What about laundry?

Is it safe?

Is there any way I can prepare for outreach before coming?

Biggest recommendation?

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