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Discipleship Training School

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Burning Hearts DTS

Mazatlan | 6 months (3 months lecture/2 months outreach)

This DTS is about learning how to reflect a revivalist lifestyle by hungering, thirsting, and being passionate for Jesus at any cost. You’ll be equipped to share your faith with others and be empowered to live a life of radical obedience to Christ.


Engage and Impact DTS

Mazatlan | 6 months (3 months lecture/2 months outreach)

The Engage and Impact DTS is for the adventurous ones that are ready to go where no one has gone before. It’s for those who want to take action and get their hands dirty, all while bringing hope to the hopeless in the name of Jesus Christ.


Expedition and Adventure DTS

Durango | 6 months (3 months lecture/2 months outreach)

This DTS is an excursion, an expedition of striving beyond your limits for the sake of the Gospel. We will sleep under the stars, build campfires, and share stories of what God has done! In the Lecture Phase, you will learn about God’s character and nature as well as His heart for the lost.

Secondary Schools with the UofN

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The WISE School

Mazatlan | 5 months (3 months lecture / 2 month outreach)

Worship, intercession, spiritual warfare, and evangelism in the prophetic are essential for seeing a change in all areas of society and the nations. The prophetic WISE school promotes strong relationships and intimacy with the Lord, which allows individuals to see the world as God does. WISE is a school that calls Christians into a deep relationship with the Lord, to hear His leading and guidance in every situation.

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Bible School for the Nations

Mazatlan | 6 months (4 months lecture / 2 month outreach)

The Bible School for the Nations is an inspiring trip through the whole Old and New Testament. During the study, the participants will examine the kingdom of God, His nature and character, His purposes in history, and His interaction with the creation. We focus on the vital message of the gospel and Christian life, discovering practical principles of leadership, civil government, and the economy. Understanding these principles is essential for cooperating with God in bringing forth transformation and freedom to the nations.


School of Worship

Mazatlan | 5 months 3 months lecture/2 month outreach

School of Worship takes our students deeper into a life of integrity, passion, and Bible study through worship. We strive to open up our students’ eyes to the opportunity we have as believers to worship our Savior “in spirit and truth.” We desire to develop our students in “ hands, heart & mind” by giving them the necessary tools to develop both the physical and spiritual aspects of worship.

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School of Frontier Missions

Mazatlan | 5 months (3 months lecture / 2 months outreach)

We want the gospel to reach every person, language, tribe and nation. The School of Border Missions was created to be a school where the student can learn real skills that allow him to carry out the mission and minister effectively in an unreached context.


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Transformational Business Seminar

Mazatlan | 6 weeks

The Transformational Business Seminar (TBS) teaches you to start and run a godly, profitable business with the purpose of bringing God's kingdom to earth. This seminar is designed for those that have a passion for knowing God and making Him known, interest in fulfilling the Great Commission to the nations, and a passion/interest in business.


Biblical Worldview Seminar

Mazatlan | 8 weeks

In the Biblical Worldview Seminar, you will learn to transform society and challenge the thoughts (worldviews) of those around us with biblical principles. Each individual in society has a different idea of ​​how to look at life and the universe (their worldview). Ideas have consequences and these are the ones that affect our world and the 7 areas of most influence: Media/Communication, Religion, Education, Economic, Government, Family, and Celebration



Found Camp

Mazatlan | 1 week

Found is a time of discovering more of who God is and why he made you while being exposed to missions in the beautiful nature of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It's a time to connect more with God and bring His message of hope to villages in the mountains of Durango. It's a time to get out of the routine, get into creation, and get to know the one who created it.


Kings Kids

Mazatlan | 1 week

Kings Kids International (KKI) is an international movement, embracing a kingdom lifestyle that is family-based and generationally linked. Our purpose is to mobilize, equip, reach out and care for children, youth and families by knowing God and making His Kingdom known.Our purpose is to mobilize, equip, and reach out and care for children and youth and families knowning God, and making His kingdom Known. We want to help families know the love of Christ and make His kingdom known.

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