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Adrianna DTS Student Outreach

Discipleship Training School

An adventure of the heart.

FAQ's about COVID-19

Are you ready to Know God and Make God Known?


The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 6 month long course; a designated time to truly learn how to follow Jesus. Just as Jesus called his disciples out of their everyday life to follow him, we invite you to answer that call and start a life of radical pursuit of God.

Come and learn how to cultivate a living relationship with God, get hands-on experience in ministry, and then be sent out to the nations. More than just an experience, the DTS is training that will challenge you to take steps in your faith- and be equipped for a life-long journey of living in relationship with God.

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3 min


You're invited to join our family and live alongside people from all walks of life, that have come here for the same reason: to know God and make Him known. Come spend 3 months on our campus, learning and growing in your relationship with God and partaking in missionary training. Then, hit the road for 3 more months traveling around other parts of the world or Mexico to put your training into practice. 

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Burning Hearts DTS

We believe that we’re called to fulfill the Great Commission, but we know that’s not possible without first cultivating a life of deep intimacy.

Classic DTS

Learn how to cultivate a living relationship with God, get hands-on experience in ministry, and then be sent out to the nations.

Engage and Impact DTS

Get equipped and enabled to truly make a difference and bring transformation to those who need it most.

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 Part 1: Lecture Phase

Know God.

  • Live in a thriving community made up of nations all over the world
  • Attend daily classes, focused on learning who God is, and who He's created you to be, from a wide range of teachers doing missions globally
  • Be part of a bilingual atmosphere, helping you to pursue speaking a new language
  • Experiencing the radiant city of Mazatlan, jam-packed full with cultural beauty, coffee shops, street tacos, breath-taking sunsets, and enjoying the salty water and beach days 
  • Get hands-on experience from our local ministries

Part 2: Outreach Phase

Make God Known.

  • Take what you learn in Lecture Phase and begin to apply it in real life.
  • Go to the nations. Live in jungles, big cities, mountains, deserts, small towns, or alongside unreached people groups!
  • Come with a heart to serve, minister, and love how Jesus does, in whatever way we can.
  • Travel with students and staff that have become your family by this point - and learn to work as a team in any circumstance
  • Be pushed outside of your comfort zone as you take steps of faith, share your testimony, and show God's love to the world
  • Discover God's heart for the nations and find your calling to influence society



God has planted unique gifts, passions, and desires inside of you! He created you with those and wants to use your gifting to impact the world. Our DTS electives are designed to give you a taste of what it looks like to use your passions and gifts to serve the Kingdom of God. During your school, you’ll have the chance to spend time pursuing one of your interests or trying your hand at something new.

Depending on the elective, you may have opportunities to participate in activities around the city and learn new skills. Some electives may run throughout the entire duration of your school, while others may only run during the lecture phase or the outreach phase.

You are not required to take part in an elective in order to participate in the DTS.


Emerging Generation

Ocean Adventures

YWAM Ships
Creative Arts

Creators and Innovators

Worship and Presence

Spirit and Truth


Upcoming Schools

Burning Hearts DTS

January 4 - June 18
June 28 - December 10
September 27, 2021 - March 4, 2022

Classic DTS

April 5 - September 10



Engage and Impact DTS

June 28 - December 10, 2021
September 27, 2021 - March 4, 2022



Lecture Phase

$3,500 USD 

To be paid in full by the 3rd week of lectures.

Outreach Phase

$1,500 - $4,250 USD


We currently offer a scholarship program as part of our effort to include students from nations that face greater economic challenges. 

Click here to see if your nation qualifies for a scholarship

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