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Training Overview

Welcome to our University of the Nations campus where we equip students from all over the world to grow in their relationship with, be trained as missionaries sharing gospel, and impact the nations with a biblical worldview.

The University of the Nations (UofN) was founded in 1978 in Kona. We are an interdenominational, Christian University, founded on biblical principles, and the UofN  is a multiplier for missions globally.

You can learn more at www.uofn.edu.

The UofN offers modular education, where students get hands-on training, and participate in a live/learn environment where they engage with the weekly topics in and outside of the classroom.

We have the privilege of training students from many nations here in Mazatlan in our UofN campus.

We are currently running 4 Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) throughout the year:

  • Engage & Impact
  • Burning Hearts
  • Expedition & Adventure (Durango Campus)

You can read more about the vision of each DTS on our website

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The DTS is the doorway into the mission where we engage with students for the first time. We welcome students of all ages and  backgrounds as they encounter the Lord to discover their calling. We invite speakers to share weekly topics like Biblical worldview, the Father Heart of God, Identity in Christ, and more during the 12 week lectures. These classes help students grow in their understanding of who God is, who we are in Christ, and how to share the Gospel with others during the 8 week outreach phase. Outreach locations vary per school, and have an additional cost. They are a requirement to complete the DTS. Our mission is to Know God and to Make Him Known.

During the 12 week lecture phase, we have witnessed students take exciting steps in their journey of faith to be baptized and we celebrate with them right across the street as they make personal commitments with the Lord.  This is one of the highlights of each quarter as staff and students fill the beach to witness the baptisms of their friends.

All of our courses are bilingual, English and Spanish. We run multiple training courses at the same time, which allows students to meet new friends from different cultures and have great discussions throughout the campus of what they are learning in class. This creates a safe and healthy environment for them to express ideas, discover biblical truths, and ask questions.

We have experienced multiplication in our campus as students complete their 5-month training, they are enrolling in our internship program or our second-level schools which offer university-level training, leadership development, and biblical understanding.  The lecture phase for second-level training varies from 8-16 weeks, and is school specific. They also include an 8 week outreach phase, where students put into practice what they learned during the lecture phase. Outreach locations vary per school, have an additional cost, and are optional for these UofN schools.

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We partner with YWAM Ships Mazatlan to send outreach teams with our ships team each quarter to engage the unreached and isolated people of the pacific coast. In the future our goal is to run parts of the lecture phase on the ship and provide training courses at sea.

We currently run 5 secondary schools alongside the DTS:

Each second level school provides focused training to prepare students for serving as full-time missionaries or equip them as leaders to serve in other areas of society.

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The Bible School for the Nations



School of Frontier Missions


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The Prophetic WISE School



School of Worship


Arts AES Mural

Art Evangelists School


We are pioneering new second level schools in the future with plans to offer associate's level degrees through the University of the Nations at our Mazatlan campus.

The UofN offers courses around the world in multiple YWAM campuses where students can continue their studies to earn degrees in many different areas such as:

  • Arts & Sports
  • Chrisitan Ministries
  • Communication
  • Counseling & Healthcare
  • Linguistics
  • Education
  • Humanities & International Studies
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We are also very excited to run our first Expedition and Adventure DTS in our new Durango Campus in January 2022 with our campus directors, Edgar and Amber Morales. They have an amazing vision for teaching DTS students about sustainability, farming, and reaching the indigenous communities in the mountains of Durango.

In every school we encourage students to ENGAGE with our local community by participating in our weekly ministry programs. Our heart is to ENGAGE not only with the students but to train them to MULTIPLY what they are learning to TRANSFORM our local community and the nations!

FAQ's and Resources

Have other questions? Email us at schools@ywammazatlan.com

How fluent do I need to be in Spanish or English?

We are a completely bilingual campus! Meaning, speaking only Spanish or English will be more than enough.  If neither Spanish nor English is your first language, you just need to comprehend and/or speak one.  That being said, we’ve had students in the past that weren’t fluent in either of our languages, and they’ve been willing, amazing people that brought amazing life and culture to our base family. Pray about it! We don't want to hold you back if you're called here.

How far away will I be from everything?

What are the eating/cooking arrangements?

Is there a dress code on the base?

How much luggage can I bring?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

How do I raise money for my DTS/Secondary School?

What is the weather like in Mazatlan?

How do I pay for my school?

Is there phone or internet access?

How much spending money will I need?

What’s supplied in my room?

How should I bring my spending money?

What about laundry?

Is it safe?

Is there any way I can prepare for outreach before coming?

Biggest recommendation?


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