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School of Worship

Release your sound. Discover your voice. Worship your Creator.


The School of Worship (SOW) is a 5-month school made up of a 3-month lecture phase and a 2-month (optional but highly recommended) outreach phase.

The SOW calls the musically creative on a journey toward the heart of God as we explore what it means to be a worshiper and what it looks like to lead others from a place of intimacy, authenticity, and authority. Our main goal is to multiply effective worship leaders to lead the nations into their original purpose: to worship the one true God.

The SOW takes students deeper into a life of devotion and passion for God through worship and Bible study. Our desire is to develop students in both the spiritual and physical aspects of worship, knowing the gifts and talents we have are from God and for his kingdom.

Expect to be given opportunities to write songs, lead worship, and have experiences that will challenge and strengthen you as you learn more about God and his heart for worship and the nations.

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Although auditions are not required, and will not determine your acceptance into the school, we strongly encourage you to record and upload a video audition to your application for the SOW. This will help us determine how to best serve you during the course of the program, whether you are an expert musician or just starting out.

This school is an approved University of the Nations course. Click here to learn more about how you can get a degree with University of the Nations.

Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite for SOW.

This is a bilingual course offered in English and Spanish.




Lecture Phase

In the first 3 months the SOW will train, equip, and develop those with a heart for worship to be effective on the mission field, or in their area of influence. The school provides hands-on training by which we develop the worship leader’s understanding of how to lead not only with skillful musicianship, but by example in integrity and good character.




Band Practice & Development times

Band Dynamics
Creative Expressions






Character of a Worshiper

Knowing God in Worship

Worship & Missions






What is Worship
The Psalms (Inductive Bible

Study Method)


History of Worship in the Church

Outreach Phase

The last 2 months of outreach will involve art and musical evangelism in a variety of missions and ministry settings, receiving and communicating God's message to others. Some activities may include engaging the community through art, partnership with churches and ministries, leading worship in different places, from churches to the street, prayer and intercession, gospel presentations, or any other kind of service. 

You will also have the opportunity to lead creative projects and share responsibilities within the team.

Music has the potential to cross many barriers and is a tool that enables you to connect with others whether they share the same language, nationality, or set of beliefs as you or not. When we sing songs, interact with communities, teach about music in a rehab center, or make a public proclamation concert, it helps us to share God's heart. Outreach seeks to value relationships with people in evangelism, be relevant to the culture, and give sacrificially for the kingdom of God to be established.

Some topics you'll cover in the School of Worship:

Character of the Worshiper

Worship and Missions

Historical and Biblical Basis of Worship

The Psalms (Inductive Bible Study Method)

History of Worship in the Church

Songwriting and Worship Leading


Dates and Costs



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FAQ's and Resources

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