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Biblical Worldview Seminar (Online)

Transforming minds to transform society.

Join us in this online seminar of Biblical Worldview where you will learn to transform society and challenge the thoughts (worldviews) of those around us with biblical principles.

Each individual in society has a different idea of ​​how to look at life and the universe (their worldview). Ideas have consequences and these are the ones that affect our world and the 7 areas of most influence: Communications, Church, Education, Business, Government, Family, Arts, and Entertainment.

The CWS is given by serving leaders of relevant change in the spheres of society in which they operate. The example of their lives, their professional and/or ministry experience, has made them an inspiration and a voice backed up by experience.

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Every individual in society has a different idea of how to look at the world and the universe, these ideas have consequences which affect our world and the 7 areas of influence: Communication, Church, Education, Government, Family, Arts & Entertainment. 

Do you have a heart to transform the nations? If so, then this seminar is for you.

This seminar is a course certified by the University of the Nations. Click here to learn more about how you can earn a degree with the University of the Nations. 

A successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is NOT a requirement to participate in the CWS. 

This course is bilingual, offered in English & Spanish.


Course outline

The BWS is led by servant-hearted leaders who are actively working in one (or more) of the 7 spheres of society. Together we get to learn from the example of their lives, their profession, and ministry experience. These are people who are strong agents of change in their respective spheres, working to spread the gospel in all areas of society.

The BWS speakers challenge current worldviews and transform them according to biblical principles.

Topics we'll cover:

  • History of Human Thought
  • Biblical worldview and societal transformation
  • Individual worldview of each of the 7 spheres of society
  • Postmodernism 
  • Animism 
  • Humanism 


  • Debate
  • Text analysis 
  • Idea analysis of world renowned thinkers 
  • Movie analysis 
  • Among others

Upcoming Schools


August 7th - September 1st

This seminar is online





 $200 USD


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