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Local Ministries

Over the last 15 years that we have been in Mazatlan, our passion has been pioneering grassroots ministries, that flow through and impact many different parts of society.


Our community has a culture of seeing needs in our city, partnering with God, and taking action to make a difference and establish his kingdom in Mazatlan. Whether you're joining us short-term or long-term, you're invited to connect locally and join our ministry's and make the love of Jesus known and felt here!

Hospital Ministry

 A Look into Our Local Ministries 

2 min

Street Ministry

Carnaval Evangelism

Imagine a church service happening in the middle of the street! There is an open invitation for all to come, there is food for the homeless, and it’s run by young people that have a passion for the lost to know Jesus. During Jesus’ ministry, he spent tons of time on the streets with the sick and the broken. Many were healed, and gave their lives to follow him! We are called to do the same.

Stone Island


 This ministry focuses on being agents of change in government, family, and education. Each week we join with YWAM Missionaries that have been called to live on an island near our campus, and invest time to encourage and pray for the local families. This ministry is committed to walking with the people of Stone Island as God’s kingdom is established in every heart and home!

Club de Fútbol


Uniting kids over the simple game of soccer, Club de Futbol exists to provide a safe place where kids can come and play. They’re included, loved on, and always embraced as we play tournaments of soccer, share some snacks, and have a biblical teaching or testimony. We connect with the neighborhood as well, desiring a lasting impact in not only the kids but in the generations after them as well.



We are an operational center for the assistance and integral development of Children. Racham is a Hebrew word that means compassion and leads us to the action for the benefit of the other. We are a safe space, where the identity and vocation of each child are awakened, and they discover their capabilities and value. We seek and promote working together with the families and the community, where they discover their purpose in life and secure their rights as citizens.

Bible Distribution


We want to see every person have access to the word of God. To do this, we implement distribution programs that allow us to put a Bible in every home! We spend our ministries times walking door-to-door, inviting people into conversation and gifting them with a free bible!

Monte Bello


This ministry exists with the purpose of bringing educational and spiritual development to the families of a low-income area of Mazatlan, through health and hygiene programs, bible theme classes and small groups, and mentoring programs for the children and youth. Each week we have kids ministry, an adult bible study, and visit families in their homes.

Remnant Surf & Skate

Skate 2-1

A group of surfers and skaters passionate about the love of God! From skate competitions to Saturdays at the local beach, teaching kids how to surf, this ministry focuses on loving these kids where they’re at and joining and championing them in their passions.



Many people from all over Latin America cross through Mazatlan each day by train, headed for the United States. Many of these people are extremely poor, with families, trying their best to get their loved ones across the border. We come each Thursday with sandwiches and prayer, we sit and talk with those on the journey, and encourage them with the hope Christ has for us.  



Loaded up with sandwiches and instruments, this ministry heads out in the evening to the local hospitals to love on those waiting to be attended to, or those waiting for their loved ones to return. We hand out food and play worship songs as we go around to pray for those hurting, both physically and spiritually.

House of Prayer


As our Prayer House ministry, we come together and intercede for the city, for our other ministries, for our base, for Mexico and for whatever else God places on our hearts. We incorporate worship as well, as it is a key element to prayer. It is an amazing opportunity to chill with God and see his heart for the city!

Rehab Ministry


Once a week we will visit a group of children-young-adults who are in a period of rehabilitation for drug abuse. We share times of worship, a biblical teaching, we sing and dance, we have fun and above all we bring them hope. The hope that God gives us of a new opportunity to live each day, as we teach them the way to a new life in Jesus.


BSN OUtreach

In collaboration with the Integral Development for the Family (DIF in Spanish) we teach values classes and host events for minor offenders. This ministry focuses on giving basic biblical values to integrate youth into study, family, and in many cases, work. We are an active partner with the DIF and continue to see more youth from the city discover that there are other options for and purpose in life.