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Local Ministries

Over the last 15 years that we have been in Mazatlan, our passion has been pioneering grassroots ministries, that flow through and impact many different parts of society.


Our community has a culture of seeing needs in our city, partnering with God, and taking action to make a difference and establish his kingdom in Mazatlan. Whether you're joining us short-term or long-term, you're invited to connect locally and join our ministry's and make the love of Jesus known and felt here!

Hospital Ministry

 A Look into Our Local Ministries 

2 min



Restore and transform for a better future

Racham is an operational community center for assistance and comprehensive child development. Our mission is to provide a safe environment of inspiration, support and development for children, their families, and the community. We seek to see restored and transformed children who inspire hope and impact society in a positive way. For more information check out our website




Biblical Justice to the nations

Go-In is a shortened name of the Gobierno Integral or Holistic Government which has the focus to disciple rulers and civil authorities in a way that reflects the character of God, to manifest justice and biblical righteousness to society. Rebuilding trust between society and government. ​​We impact the authorities and rulers through the comprehensive gospel, teaching them the original design that God created for their role, thus achieving a transformation in government and society. Achieve a government according to the heart of God that reflects his justice and righteousness towards society. Thus obtaining the reconciliation of the gap between government authorities and civil society.



Surf and Skate

We work to transform the lives of those who share this passion of surf and skate. We use this to connect with them, get to know them, create relationships to share Jesus. It’s a place for these people to find community. Our heart is to reach the skateboarding and surfing community in Mazatlan to see their lives transformed by the Gospel. Our vision to connect with these communities and create relationships and disciple those involved in these sports.

Bibles for Mexico


A bible in each home

Bibles for Mexico is a project supported by YWAM Mexico that seeks to eradicate Bible poverty in the country, meaning seeing every person have access to the word of God. Our heart is that everyone has the right to have a Bible in their own language. Our vision is to give a copy of the Bible in every household in Mazatlan, then distribute in other cities within the state of Sinaloa, and to all of Mexico

Alcance de Pueblos


El Recreo

A ministry of reconciliation, reconciling the broken relationship that occurred at the fall: God/man, man/others, man/self, and man/creation. Reconciling the people of Indigenous and Spanish villages back to the Father in a holistic way to allow the abundant life that Jesus talks about in John 10:10. This is a ministry focused on relationships that will bring lasting fruit to these villages by walking beside them modeling discipleship. With the hope that they will walk with each other and send disciples of Jesus Christ out to other villages and countries around the world.

Local Initiatives


Reaching our city with passion

Every Thursday, YWAM Mazatlan takes the afternoons to spread out into our city for different local ministry opportunities. Local ministries are constantly growing and expanding, dependent on the passion and initiative of those in our YWAM community. From spreading the gospel in rehab centers to going and praying in hospitals or connecting with local kids playing soccer, there are many ways that one can be a part of reaching our city with creativity and passion.