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Training Experience

at YWAM Mazatlan

We welcome students from around the world to help them encounter God in a new way, grow in their relationship with Him, and understand their identity in Christ, while being trained as missionaries to be sent out into the world to share the gospel.

Our heart is that students feel welcomed into our campus and it becomes their home during their time with us. We want to engage with students as they experience God to learn more about who He is, and who they are in Him, that they would be developed as leaders as they receive training in order to make an impact for the kingdom.

Students become part of our family and get to experience Mexican culture and the amazing hospitality of this nation! They enjoy delicious tacos, jumbo shrimp, and ceviche as they explore the restaurants and cafes in Mazatlan. Everyone enjoys visiting the shops in the downtown market, or salsa dancing in the park plaza on the weekends. They also engage with the culture as they learn or practice their Spanish in our bi-lingual classes, and in conversations around campus or at the dinner table.

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Our Mazatlan campus is across the street from the beach where students love watching the most amazing sunsets, surfing with friends, and they enjoy their quiet times with Jesus while sitting on the rocks watching the waves crash around them.

Our growing campus houses all our students for the quarter along with visiting teams. This allows students to make new friends and learn about cultures from other countries. We provide a safe environment and create spaces for students to rest, share their musical talents in our open mic nights, have fun playing games, and also find refuge in the Lord on the patios or rooftops around campus. (Hint: The roof is an amazing spot for sunsets and quiet times!)

Students share a dorm room with others during the lecture phase

and have made lifelong friendships as they get to know each other. They share snacks, order pizza, or enjoy a coffee from our on campus Cafe Selah, as they hang out watching movies or playing card games together. You will also find them reading their favorite books, bibles, and journaling on the patios throughout the campus.

Students participate in an average of 16 hours of classes each week,

and also have other scheduled activities as part of the university curriculum. There are some assignments given throughout the school, and they are encouraged to have personal quiet time or study times. Students are assigned a mentor to help them process classes or guide them during their time in the school.

Students have the option to join in our elective classes

to learn how to play a musical instrument, grow in their artist skills, dive into the bible and grow spiritually, take their photography to another level, or capture amazing videos!  They can also learn more about our Ships ministry, or use their medical training to serve in our medical brigades. We have something for everyone, and also leave room for them to share their ideas with us for something new!

There are many opportunities to serve and share the gospel in Mazatlan during weekly ministry times in our local skate park, surf ministry, hospital or rehab centers, soccer club, and Kings Kids program. You may also find yourself distributing bibles in a local neighborhood, helping build a home for a family with our Homes of Hope ministry, or serving alongside the Ships team in a medical brigade.

As part of the live/learn environment, students also serve in an area on the campus throughout the week. You may learn a new skill in the kitchen or facilities area, or be able to put your mechanical skills to use. We want to welcome everyone onto our beautiful campus so we work together to keep it clean. Each student is assigned a daily work duty as part of their school curriculum.  

We are a community who loves to worship the Lord together during our weekly worship times, and we love to celebrate what God is doing in the nations! Students will join in the worship times and can also audition to join the worship team. We celebrate the nations and learn what is happening around the world in YWAM. We pray and intercede together as we fight for breakthrough for individuals, families, and ministries. We also have a 24 hour prayer room available on campus.

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We also love to celebrate people and occasions, so prepare to join in the fun during a family day, monthly birthday celebration, welcome night, or graduation party. You might find yourself learning how to salsa, or to make salsa! We are a very inclusive community who values each individual and welcomes you into our family!

We have several families that are also part of our community who welcome students into their homes for dinner, to hang out, for game nights, or to simply do life together. We know each student is at a different stage in their life journey and we welcome everyone. We have students that join us from all backgrounds and all ages. Families are also welcome and encouraged to come be a part of what God is doing in Mazatlan.

FAQ's and Resources

Have other questions? Email us at schools@ywammazatlan.com

How fluent do I need to be in Spanish or English?

We are a completely bilingual campus! Meaning, speaking only Spanish or English will be more than enough.  If neither Spanish nor English is your first language, you just need to comprehend and/or speak one.  That being said, we’ve had students in the past that weren’t fluent in either of our languages, and they’ve been willing, amazing people that brought life and culture to our base family. Pray about it! We don't want to hold you back if you're called here.

How far away will I be from everything?

What are the eating/cooking arrangements?

Is there a dress code on the base?

How much luggage can I bring?

What kind of clothes should I bring?

How do I raise money for my DTS/Secondary School?

What is the weather like in Mazatlan?

How do I pay for my school?

Is there phone or internet access?

How much spending money will I need?

What’s supplied in my room?

How should I bring my spending money?

What about laundry?

Is it safe?

Is there any way I can prepare for outreach before coming?

Biggest recommendation?


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