Trailblazers DTS


Trailblazers DTS

God is preparing a fearless generation who will push the limits and go where others dare not go to reach people for Christ.

We invite you to come and join a tribe that is passionate to know God and make him known. Learn to hear God’s voice for strategy as you take steps onto untraversed grounds. Share the gospel with those who’ve never heard before. Come to a diverse city where you can try new initiatives to minister to university students, skaters, and marginalized subcultures where no one has taken a stand for the gospel.

This DTS is for those who dare to go and leave a legacy for others to follow. For those who have it in their spirit to say “yes” to God to no matter what.


DTS is a unique 5-month course in our live/learn YWAM community. It consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase, designed for you to “Know God and Make Him Known”. During the 12-week lecture phase you’ll hear from qualified speakers who come for a week to impart to you the principles they live by and teach. It’s a time of encountering God, and allowing Him to work deeply in our hearts. During the 8-week outreach phase get ready to take the Gospel to the nations. You’ll learn to step out of your comfort zone, work with your team, and trust God’s leading as you proclaim Christ to hundreds in big cities, or hike miles through rugged terrain just to reach the one.

Each DTS we have offers a variety of 'themes'. This could be media, ships, trailblazers, and a few others! What this means is that 2-5 hours a week (sometimes more) you and your group get a chance to focus on whatever area you choose! A time to get passionate, invest, and learn about that certain topic. This could mean going for a hike, learning how to build a campfire, shooting a video, learning how to tie knots or going to feed the hungry. Sometimes these themes also play a role in your outreach, and sometimes not. You'll get a chance to choose your theme once you've arrived for your DTS, so don't fret about it too much now! Just get excited for more adventures, experiences, and learning!