Compassion DTS


Discipleship Training School 

DTS is a unique 5-month course in our live/learn YWAM community. It consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase, designed for you to “Know God and Make Him Known”. During the 12-week lecture phase you’ll hear from qualified speakers who come for a week to impart to you the principles they live by and teach. It’s a time of encountering God, and allowing Him to work deeply in our hearts. During the 8-week outreach phase get ready to take the Gospel to the nations. You’ll learn to step out of your comfort zone, work with your team, and trust God’s leading as you proclaim Christ to hundreds in big cities, or hike miles through rugged terrain just to reach the one.

Compassion Theme

Are you passionate about the poor, the needy, and the hurting? Do you want to learn how to take your passion for God and use it to touch the lives of those in need?

Come and learn more about God’s heart, His desire intimacy, and how you can bring hope and help to a hurting world. Students are discipled into a lifestyle of giving that burden back to the Lord in both prayer and intercession, but also through action. You’ll get hands-on experience through our thriving Homes of Hope ministry. Practically show Christ’s love amidst poverty. Grow as you partner with local believers to disciple and bring hope to overlooked Mexican communities, where we build homes for families in need. Through DTS class times and weekly outreaches, you’ll learn to see the need and respond with God’s heart.

Each DTS we have offers a variety of 'themes'. This could be media, ships, trailblazers, and a few others! What this means is that 2-5 hours a week (sometimes more) you and your group get a chance to focus on whatever area you choose! A time to get passionate, invest, and learn about that certain topic. This could mean going for a hike, learning how to build a campfire, shooting a video, learning how to tie knots or going to feed the hungry. Sometimes these themes also play a role in your outreach, and sometimes not. You'll get a chance to choose your theme once you've arrived for your DTS, so don't fret about it too much now! Just get excited for more adventures, experiences, and learning!