DTS Outreach

YWAM DTS Outreach

After spending 12 weeks in the classroom hearing lectures, getting real with God and becoming equipped, you will leave the YWAM base for 6-10 weeks and head out into the world to put into practice everything you learned. Outreach is a time of cross-cultural living, evangelism and mercy ministries. Outreach is a time when you give yourself to the needy, the desperate, the broken, and the lost. Outreach is your chance to see God use you in new ways and watch Him be faithful to His word.

You’ll be asked to prepare your testimony as well as a sermon or a topic that you can teach on. You and your teammates will take the lead and step out of your comfort zone to change the world! Besides sharing, preaching and teaching you will do community work that might involve building, painting, working with medical clinics, playing endless games of soccer/football with the local kids or doing one-on-one evangelism. The point is: you’ll be stretched AND you’ll be inspired. You’ll come back knowing you gave 110% of yourself and you will never be the same!

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” – Philippians 4:9

Depending on how big your DTS is, will determine how many outreach teams there will be. We always send at least one team to our beautiful nation of Mexico because we desire to see this nation transformed. These outreach could look anything like going from indigenous villages in mountainous regions to urban areas like Mexico City. Other teams will be sent across the globe. Over the past few years we have sent teams to Turkey, Egypt, Guatemala, and China as well as to Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Ecuador, Congo and Northern Africa. The DTS School Leader and Staff will wait on God for His direction concerning the outreach locations for each school, and outreach locations aren't released until your DTS has begun. Students are encouraged to seek God as to where He is calling them to go.

Past Outreach Locations: 

  • Colombia 
  • Chile 
  • Greece 
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • North Africa 
  • Nepal 
  • Nicaragua 
  • Brazil

Transforming Mazatlan

The September and the January DTS will play a part in hosting a huge week-long outreach that takes place just down the road from the base. It is the city’s annual Carnaval (see Carnaval Page for more info). Carnaval is a wild festival that attracts about a 400,000 people from all over Mexico and the nations right to our doorsteps! Together with international and national YWAM and church teams we bring God to the party through worship, spiritual warfare, and intercession. We reach out to the partying people! We have teams enter the fiesta areas to perform, to meet individuals and share the gospel, teams to cover the evangelizing teams with protective prayer in intercession, teams that hang out with the skaters and teams to run the coffee shop. Carnaval Outreach is a fast-paced week where we stay up late fighting to see the city changed and God’s power moving in the midst of all the darkness!