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YWAM’s Mission and Vision

YWAM is a global Christian missions movement that presents Jesus to the world through the current generation, trains and equips believers to fulfill the Great Commission, and ensures that everyone has access to the Gospel. We are passionate about knowing God and making Him known through thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world.

Transformation Through Short and Long-Term Experiences

Gain opportunities to serve and make a positive impact in Mazatlan, Mexico, and the nations through our training schools and outreach programs. We offer both short and long term experiences that transform the hearts and minds of individuals and communities, while inspiring and challenging future generations to fulfill their purpose through a deeper connection with God. Join us in making a difference and discover your own potential to serve!

Engaging Young People in Missions, Training, and Discipleship

We engage young people in missions, training, and discipleship, with the goal of establishing a vibrant missions community that trains and equips 5000 students a year to bring the Good News globally. We aim to transform lives through the living reality of Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for missions trips and mobilizing missionaries to serve in Mexico and the nations through our 110 City Vision.

Fulfill Your Purpose

We recognize that it can be overwhelming to navigate through the challenges of life and find meaning in the midst of it all. We are committed to empowering and equipping individuals to fulfill their purpose and impact the world for Jesus. Through our training schools, outreach programs, and diverse ministry opportunities, we provide a supportive community that inspires and challenges you to grow and serve.


YWAM on a Global Scale



Over 5 million students trained



courses offered in over 94 languages



and active ministry in more than 180 countries



we have 60 years of experience in completing the Great Commission

Our diverse and dedicated team of tens of thousands of full-time volunteer staff from nearly every country is committed to knowing God and making Him known throughout the earth.

International Missions Movement

We are an international Christian missions movement dedicated to providing young people from all over the world opportunities to serve Mazatlan, Mexico, and the nations. Our training schools and mercy and outreach programs provide short and long term experiences that transform the hearts and minds of individuals and communities. We model a lifestyle that inspires and challenges the generations to realize and fulfill their purpose through hearing and knowing God.

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Stories from a Student, Staff, and Volunteer

"YWAM Mazatlan is a place that has taught me not only how to know God more but to depend on Him and lead in the way He calls me to. I've learned how to pursue the vision and dreams that He has placed on my life. My life has taken a radical 180-degree turn, but I don’t regret for a second obeying God’s voice to go to YWAM Mazatlan."


Caleb M

“Volunteering at YWAM Mazatlan for a month was an incredible multicultural experience that changed my life forever. Through my time there, I was able to grow closer to God and feel His presence in ways I never had before. The community at YWAM Mazatlan was so welcoming and loving, and it was amazing to see how they shared God's love with others through ministry. The time I spent at YWAM has given me a new perspective on life, and I feel more connected to God than ever before. I am so grateful for the time I spent there, the lessons I learned and the impact it had on my life.”


Cassidy B

"I remember the first time I stepped foot on YWAM Mazatlan and immediately I felt like I was home. And serving here as staff I can truly say this place has become home. It has been a safe place for me to make mistakes, fall but get back up again, and grow into the leader God has called me to be. I am not the same person I was 5 years ago, I am a stronger, more capable leader. God used YWAM Mazatlan to develop me into who I am today."


Patty T

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Diverse Ministry Programs

YWAM Mazatlan provides diverse ministry programs designed to bring the gospel to isolated places, provide practical aid to families in need, minister to those attending the annual Carnaval festival, connect with the youth of the city, and equip people to serve on the mission field through Mission Building and our Discipleship Training School. Experience community, serve others, and make a difference in Mexico by impacting lives and growing your faith. Step out of your comfort zone, be challenged, and grow in your relationship with God!

Impacting the World Through Two Campuses and a Medical Ship

Our ministry is making a significant impact on the world by taking the gospel and medical care to unreached places through our 101-foot-long ship and two campuses in Mazatlan and Durango. From the established and well-connected Mazatlan campus to the developing and adventurous Durango campus, we are intentional about engaging with local communities, serving ministries, and empowering missionaries to share the love of Christ in diverse ways. Our mission is to empower and mobilize missionaries to take the message of the gospel to diverse communities in Mexico and the world.

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Decades of Missions Experience and Success

For over 60 years, YWAM has trained and mobilized young people for missions with 18,000 full-time volunteers and 1,200 locations. YWAM is distinctive because of its shared vision, beliefs, values, and relationships, making it a rapidly growing, all-volunteer, and global mission led by young "YWAMers."


Engage young people through missions, training, and discipleship.

We've got big dreams to establish a vibrant missions training campus with up to 5000 students a year. This campus will train students in a multitude of programs and courses, equipping them to use their individual callings to bring the Good News across the globe.


Transform lives through the living reality of Jesus Christ.

From bringing medical care to unreached areas of Mexico, building a new home for a local family, and joining us for one of the world's biggest parties, we've got many missions trips geared to get you plugged into the mission field.

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Our Approach to the Great Commission

Matthew 28:19
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Everything we do is geared towards completing the Great Commission. Our goal is to establish YWAM locations in 110 cities in Mexico, as well as continue to train and mobilize 5000 missionaries into the nations to be part of the global missions movement.

Offering a platform for a long-term career in missions

Part of one of the largest, global missions organizations with an internationally recognized brand

Location in Mexico with 2 bilingual campuses and diverse culture

Offers a large campus in an urban zone and a small campus in the mountains

Make a Difference in the World Through Missions Work

At YWAM, we believe that everyone deserves access to the Gospel and the basic necessities of life. With over 60 years of experience and active ministries in more than 180 countries, we are dedicated to making God known throughout the earth. By joining our community in Mazatlan, you'll have the opportunity to serve others, transform lives, and grow in your relationship with God. Our diverse ministry programs, ship, and campuses make it possible to impact communities in Mexico and beyond. Trust us to help you fulfill your purpose and make a difference in the world.

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Challenge yourself and Grow in your faith

By engaging with YWAM, you will experience community, serve others, and make a difference in Mexico by impacting lives and growing your faith. Step out of your comfort zone, be challenged, and grow in your relationship with God. We offer various programs, including discipleship training, evangelism, and mercy ministries. YWAM Mazatlan seeks to impact the local community and beyond through our outreach programs and missions.