Lecture Phase


Lecture Phase

The first 12 weeks of DTS is called the Lecture Phase. During Lecture Phase you will hear inspiring speakers from different parts of the world share their wisdom and experience on topics such as Hearing the Voice of God, The Nature and Character of God, The Father Heart of God, Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Jesus & The Cross, Identity & Destiny, Relationships, Biblical Worldview, Evangelism and World Missions. The purpose of DTS lectures is to give students tools to live the Christian life the way God intended. That means living a life of freedom and purpose, knowing your authority, and showing practical love for God’s people. Sports DTS, Compassion DTS and Classic DTS lectures are all run together, but learning isn’t just confined to the classroom. We believe in a 24/7 live-learn environment where students and staff live and work together in community on the YWAM base.

Evangelism and Local Ministries

In addition to classroom learning we strive to get out to the streets of the city where the locals are to share the love of Jesus. Putting what you learn into practice is a big part of DTS so you will have opportunities to visit the homeless or kids in an orphanage, start a conversation with a passer-by or offer prayer at the busy market place. God works through us in marvelous ways when we just say ‘Yes’ and go.

You will also learn about the ministries YWAM Mazatlan is involved in locally such as Homes of Hope.

Corporate Base Times

Being a family is a huge part of YWAM Mazatlan and we are always happy to welcome new students into our international family! We are a close community of about 30 staff members consisting of singles, couples and families. We work, eat and play together and we enjoy being a part of the DTS students’ journey in getting to know the Lord. As a base we have weekly times of Worship and Intercession. God is passionate to have us seek Him and as we do He keeps showing up, more and more and more!

Work Duties

Students are assigned a daily Work Duty on the base such as cleaning, helping with maintenance or hospitality, or working in the kitchen. We believe that true discipleship is learned through serving and being faithful, so part of the DTS focuses on teaching students the value of work. This is done through daily practical service on the base. Work duties are between 1-2 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Students will also be on Weekend Duty rotation with the staff, where they will work as a team to keep the base running 2-3 Saturdays or Sundays during the lecture phase.