How fluent do I need to be in Spanish or English?

We are a bi-lingual base so speaking one or the other will be fine. If neither Spanish nor English is your first language, then you must be able to comprehend and/or speak one (English or Spanish). If you aren’t fluent in either language, we’d encourage you to pray about going to another location that offers a language you are fluent in. You will have a much richer, deeper learning experience if you don’t have to focus on translating what the speaker is saying. That being said, we’ve had students in the past that weren’t fluent in either of our languages, and they’ve been awesome people that brought amazing life and culture to our base family. So just pray about it!

What are the eating/cooking arrangements?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and all meals are eaten together in our outside patio area. There is a fridge for students to use and store personal food in.

How much luggage can I bring?

Your airline will determine how much luggage you can bring; however while on outreach you will be limited to one pack/suitcase. So pack accordingly. Hiking backpacks are ideal for Outreach, but you can get along with a duffel or suitcase if needed. We totally recommend having a hiking pack if possible.

Your accommodations during the Lecture Phase will be extremely limited in personal storage space, so keep that in mind.

How do I raise money for my DTS/WISE?

There are several different ways to raise money for YWAM Mazatlan schools and outreaches. How you decide to raise your money really depends on your motivation, creativity and willingness to work hard. There is no one right way to raise the money, but to help you along listed below are some suggestions and ideas that have worked for others. Remember that everything starts and end with prayer. If God is the One who calls you to attend a school with YWAM Mazatlan, He will give you the tools, favor, and strength to do it.

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Suggested Reading on Raising Support:
Friendraising:Building a Support Team That Lasts by Betty Barnett
Funding Your Ministry: Whether You’re Gifted or Not by Scott Morton
People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support by Bill Dillon

How do I pay for my school?

For payment options, please go to the “donate” page and then click on the payment options link.

How much spending money will I need?

Plan on $20USD a week to cover toiletries, snack food, entertainment, photos and postage. How much you’ll need will really depend on your personal spending habits.

How should I bring my spending money?

It’s best to have your money in an account that allows you to have an ATM card. It’s easy to make withdrawals down here at the banks.

Is it safe?

México can be known as a dangerous place, but put all those “I’ve heard’s…” to rest. Our city is a beautiful city to live in. The people are warm and friendly and willing to try out their English. Our beaches, for the most part, are generally safe for swimming and surfing. We will help get you acquainted to the city, the beaches and the Mexican culture.

How far away will I be from everything?

The base is located within walking distance to heaps of ‘tiendas’ (little shops), restaurants, taco stands, scenic spots, and coffee shops, as well as some great beaches. Wal-Mart, the Golden Zone (tourist area), more restaurants, movie theatres, and a shopping mall are either a short taxi ride or bus ride away.

Is there a dress code on the base?

For girls – there are no short shorts or skirts, no short tank tops or t-shirts. Please be mindful how low your pants, skirts and shorts are on your waist. Bearing too much of your mid-rift will be inappropriate. It is going to be hot so t-shirts, shorts, tank tops are pretty common, but please me mindful of how tight your shirts are. If you have a bikini (the base has a pool and is near the beach) please wear shorts and a tank top over it when you swim or wear a one-piece with shorts.
For guys – Please no speedos or g-string swim suits. Please don’t have your boxers showing or be shirtless unless swimming.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

You’ll need a set of good clothes for church and ministry, casual clothes for lectures/leisure. We tend to be pretty casual at the base, but churches here tend to dress up more. Also, depending on where you go on outreach, girls may need longer skirts and long sleeve shirts for working in remote communities. That can be purchased here if needed. And don’t forget some dress clothes for your graduation!!
*Because of the humidity here, clothes tend to get stretched out and don’t last as long. Keep this in mind when you’re packing your favorite things (but don’t pack like your going to the wilderness either! We still enjoy wearing nice, stylish clothes as much as anyone!

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What is the weather like in Mazatlan?

May through to September are the REALLY hot, humid months. You can expect to be really sweaty, sticky, and/or drippy most of the time!! October and November are a bit more bearable, but you’ll still be wearing summer clothes. Then December through April are the cooler months where you can throw on a light jacket or hoodie at night.

Is there phone or internet access?

We have wireless internet at the base that works pretty good. If there’s a huge volume of people though it will slow down and might be restricted to certain hours to allow our office staff to get their work done.

We ask everyone who does one of our training programs or works with us as staff or a mission builder to install Covenant Eyes on their computer. This isn’t to invade your privacy or your freedom, its to keep everyone on the base accountable and to protect people that may be with us who have struggled with temptations on the internet before.

If students want to make phone calls, they can purchase calling cards and use local pay phones. Most students tend to use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends. If you haven’t used it before, we’d recommend getting your family set up with it before you come down.

What’s supplied in my room?

In your dorm-style rooms, all that’s supplied is a bunk bed, mattress, bathroom, and an EXTREMELY limited selection of personal storage space. Most students either live out of their suitcase or purchase small plastic drawers for use during their school. The base can supply you with sheets, blanket, and pillow when you first arrive, but you will need to provide your own for the duration of the school. You can either bring these things with you or purchase them at a store here.

What about laundry?

You can use one of the local laundry mats, “lavanderias”, that will wash, dry, and fold your laundry for roughly $1.50 USD per kilo.

Is there any way I can prepare for outreach before coming? 

A few practical things you can do is make sure you have a compact sleeping bag, a hiking pack (or something else that’s easy to travel with if there aren’t paved roads), conservative clothes that are easy to wash (depending on where you go, washing by hand may be your only option, and believe me, jeans are NOT that easy!!), and preparing to pack as little as possible. Lots of students make the mistake of bringing WAY too much stuff on Outreach and end up regretting it when they’re running to catch a bus or trudging up a hill. Keep it as simple as possible and leave room/money for buying souvenirs to remember the country you’re in.

Biggest recommendation?

Be flexible! Things might not always be the way you expect them to or someone might rub you the wrong way or you might hate living in community, but be prepared to change your expectations and let God work in your heart. Some of the best lessons in life come when we learn to let go of our “rights” and allow God to transform us and show us how to see ourselves and others through His eyes.