School of Biblical Worldview


School of Biblical Worldview

Ideas have consequences – either for good or evil. Societies of the world are driven by seven spheres of influence:

1. Family
2. Economy (business, science, and technologies) 
3. Government
4. Religion (church)
5. Education
6. Media
7. Celebration (arts, entertainment, sports)

These spheres are defined by patterns of thought that, either consciously or not, define worldviews (structures of thought) and have a direct effect on reality. The results for individuals and nations are either peace, progress and welfare, or fear, marginalization and death.

Taking this into consideration, the School of Biblical Worldview emphasizes how necessary it is to have a Biblical worldview that teaches how God wants the spheres of influence to be led. When each area is guided according to His principles, this brings a global state of shalom, meaning there will be integral harmony in every way: physical, emotional, social, material, and spiritual. The impact is extended to the individual and the nations!

Within each sphere of influence, we need to know what the existing worldviews are, their origin, and how they each can be transformed according to the will of God (Romans 12:2). The SBW also recognizes the importance of knowing what you believe, what you do not, and understanding the reasons behind your beliefs based on Biblical, moral, historical and scientific facts.

Subject Matter

School of Biblical Worldview classes are taught by servant-leaders who are agents of relevant change in the spheres of society where they perform. The example of their lives and professional and/or ministry expertise make them catalysts for good. These speakers challenge the current ruling worldviews and transform them according to Biblical principles.

The content of the SBW involves Biblical matters, relevant current world events, and subjects focused on equipping our students to identify different ways to root out the lies that are engrained in every sphere of society; we then work to replace the lies with Truth. The aim is for students to walk away as transformed individuals that will invest into these areas of society and establish the Kingdom of God in a tangible way!

Upcoming Schools

June 15 - July 26, 2019


  • $1,500 USD - A Nations
  • $15.000 MXN - B Nations
  • $675 USD - C Nations

Costs are to be paid upon arrival

Please note: all prices are subject to change

Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite for SBW.

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