As Christians we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God through which we can know him, his purposes for us, and his love for humanity. Therefore, everyone has the right to have a Bible in their own language. Bible knowledge has brought about social, personal, and family transformation around the world throughout history, but not only by simply knowing the Bible’s content; because of the men and women who applied the eternal principles found inside the Bible to their own lives – and consequentially to their societies and cultures – transformation has taken place.

Even so, many people and communities remain who do not have access to the word of God. It is necessary for us to take it to them regardless of their language or location.

YWAM International has joined the vision of “Ending Bible Poverty” worldwide by putting a Bible in every home.


Project Description 

Bibles for Mexico is a project supported by Youth with a Mission Mexico that seeks to eradicate Bible poverty in the country, meaning seeing every person have access to the word of God. To do this, we implement distribution programs that allow us to put a Bible in every home in collaboration with volunteers from other organizations, families, churches, etc. – both nationals and foreigners.

The first stage is taking place in the city of Mazatlan. The vision is to place a copy of the Bible in every household in the city during 2016 (122,000 copies), then distribute to the rest of the municipalities in the state of Sinaloa, and move on to other states until every home in Mexico has the word of God.


Ways to get involved

Each Bible costs about 40 MXN (around $2.25 USD) which means that to buy 122,000 for the entire city, we need 4,880,000 MXN (about $263,300 USD). There is no amount too small for donations – it will help us fulfill this great goal!
(For more info, contact us: [email protected] / [email protected])

Donate through PayPal

PayPal charges 4% of your donated amount as a processing fee.

You can send your donation through PayPal using our email: [email protected]
Make sure to note in the Subject Field that you are giving for Bible Distribution and e-mail us to be aware of your donation.

Bank donation

For our bank account information, please email the YWAM Mazatlan accounts office: [email protected]


Donate through our website

You can also send your donation through our safe website. Visit http://www.ywammazatlan.com/donations-and-payments to learn about additional options for sending donations.



We also need hands – people who help us distribute the word of God in the streets of Mazatlan. Come with your family, friends, or churches and be part of the transformation in our country.

Spread the word!


For more information, please leave us a message.