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Where do I fit?

Our general volunteers help in every facet of ministry life. Depending on skill set and experience,  our  volunteers assist with tasks like auto maintenance and repair, construction, grounds upkeep, building maintenance, plumbing, electrical, painting, office work, graphic design, communications, web design, filmmaking, kitchen, food services, and hospitality.

Each of our crew on board a YWAM Ships Mazatlan vessel are volunteers who come from all over the world. What brings us together is a unified belief in the vision of YWAM Ships. With that in mind, all YWAM Ships Mazatlan volunteers willingly pay their own way to the vessel and cover their living and personal costs while serving with us on board.

It is this heart of our volunteers that enables YWAM Ships Mazatlan to make a difference in Mexico and fuels the vision of bringing hope to the most isolated and least reached. You don’t need to have a certain expertise to volunteer with us, just a willing heart to serve. Simply let us know what skills you have, how you would like to serve with us. We would love to utilize any unique talents you may have that are outside of the areas we have mentioned. There are also opportunities for you to learn necessary skills while you serve on the ship.

In order to operate such a specialized ministry, we require a number of general volunteers to operate our ships.

Step into a vital role in our community by being a general volunteer. Your work will contribute to the community life on our campus at YWAM Mazatlan:

  • Ship maintenance
  • Hospitality
  • Registrar
  • Medical Brigade Staff
  • Translator
  • Bible School Teacher
  • Cook
  • Photographer
  • Video
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Graphic Designer

General volunteers on board (Without licenses) Aptitude toward that department helpful.


  • Deck - unrated
  • Engineroom - unrated
  • Translator
  • Medical Brigade Staff
  • Hospitality
  • Registrar
Ship Big Ocean
YWAM Ships Mazatlan water

 Why YWAM Ships? 

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