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YWAM Ships Mazatlan

Maritime Volunteer

Each of our crew on board a YWAM Ships Mazatlan vessel are volunteers who come from all over the world. What brings us together is a unified belief in the vision of YWAM Ships. With that in mind, all YWAM Ships Mazatlan volunteers willingly pay their own way to the vessel and cover their living and personal costs while serving with us on board.

It is this heart of our volunteers that enables YWAM Ships Mazatlan to make a difference in Mexico and fuels the vision of bringing hope to the most isolated and least reached. We invite you to consider putting your maritime skills to work on board one of our vessels and enable the other specialty crew who join you to make a lasting difference as they deliver medical, educational and water projects to those in need.

In order to operate such a specialized ministry, we require a number of qualified mariners to operate our ships. This includes both qualified officers and cadets in deck, engineering and stewards.

Captain, chief, second and third mates make up the officers on board. Three deckhands also help with operations and watchkeeping.

  • Master II/2
  • Deck Officer
  • Deck Cadet

A chief engineer, second engineer, and two motormen make up the engineering team.

  • Chief Engineering Officer III/2
  • Second Engineering Officer III/2

Regardless of your background, we can certainly put you to work!

  • Purser
  • Chief Cook

If you have one of the following skills or know someone that might be willing to volunteer with us, these skills would make a huge difference right now.

  • Welder
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Diesel Mechanic
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