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Missionary Training

Where It All Begins - Our DTS!

Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Your first step into missions! This 5-month intensive school joins together the head, the heart, and the hands. With 3 months of lectures, combined with 2 months of traveling, serving and experiencing missions first hand, this is the perfect school for the one wants a transformational and meaningful gap year, to those looking to get into missions long term.

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Second-Level Schools

Prophetic W.I.S.E

Equips students through in-depth teaching and experiences in key elements of the Christian life: the prophetic W.I.S.E stands for Worship, Intercession, Spiritual warfare and Evangelism!

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Bible School for the Nations (BSN)

The BSN uses a chronological methodology to study Scripture in order to see the hand of God and His eternal purposes in history. There is an emphasis on application, and students will learn in an interactive way of how to study and understand the Bible in the context of it’s history, culture and grammar.

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Art Evangelists School (AES)

The AES is designed for those who love God and love being creative at any level of skill. We believe visual artists have a God-given role and place in every sphere of society, people group, generation and nation. 

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School of Justice & Advocacy (SOJA)

This school is here to equip students to tackle injustices locally and globally by developing ministry programs and advocacy strategies. To send out students empowered to confront injustice from the grassroots all the way to the policy and legislative level, and to support their efforts through ongoing training, workshops, and mentorships.

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School of Biblical Worldview

This school involves Biblical matters, relevant current world events, and subjects focused on equipping our students to identify different ways to root out the lies that are engrained in every sphere of society; we then work to replace the lies with Truth. 

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Counseling Seminar

A seminar-workshop that was developed to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves & others, so that they may grow in maturity and develop healthier life skills & thriving relationships with others.

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