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YWAM Mazatlan Mexico Justice and Advocacy Online Seminar

Justice & Advocacy Online Seminar

Designed for those who want to work for the most vulnerable and oppressed, seeking a social transformation through justice and restoration.


Join us for our first ever online Justice and Advocacy Seminar! 

Throughout these five weeks you will have teaching times taught by teachers and professionals with experience in the area of justice, community development and government. We will dive into social problems that you're passionate about, and brainstorm means to solve it in the most efficient and effective ways.

You'll receive homework, readings, devotional times, virtual classes, and share in work groups with students from other regions and countries. You'll be pushed to dig deep into the bible, and gaining understanding and reflection on various themes around justice, restoration, and advocating for the oppressed.

The Justice and Advocacy Seminar was created through a virtual educational platform, endorsed by the University of the Nations where you can get two credits at end the seminar.

The Seminar has a total of 50 hours and will run Monday - Friday, 2 hours each day. Those hours are distributed in classes, virtual group meetings, tasks, reports, devotionals, etc. Some days you will attend virtual class from 6-8pm MST, and others you'll be completing work within our platform on your own time, which allows you flexibility within your schedule. 

By the end, you'll receive a biblical worldview of justice and how God implements it, be able to define relational and restorative justice, and you'll recognize your position as a participatory citizen and your relationship with the government.

You'll learn the fundamental tools for a social defense, connect with other individuals and organizations that work in similar problems, and develop an action plan to deal with a chosen social problem.

This seminar is in connection to our School of Justice & Advocacy. If you liked the seminar, join us in January 2021 for a full 3 months!

Mazatlan Sunset Olas Altas

Topics we'll cover:

  • Understand the foundations and biblical definition of justice
  • Discover relational and restorative justice, as the main means of social transformation
  • Learn the basics to identify and combat current injustices and modern slavery
  • Create optimal solutions for social problems, through programs, ministries or law
  • Learn how to use the laws for social change, and get involved in the process legislative in your region.
  • Learn how to generate a collaboration between government and civil society
  • Propose social defense means and community transformation projects

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October 5 - November 6





All Nations - $1000 MXN


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