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The Become Seminar


Become Seminar: A Soul Care Workshop for YWAM Staff


''Finally, believers, rejoice! Be made complete [become what you should be], be comforted, be like-minded, live in peace [enjoy the spiritual well-being experienced by believers who walk closely with God]; and the God of love and peace [the source of lovingkindness] will be with you.''
2 Corinthians 13:11 AMP

BECOME! is a 2 week seminar-workshop that was developed to help YWAM Staff develop a deeper understanding of themselves & others, so that they may grow in maturity and develop healthier life skills & thriving relationships with others.

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*Please keep in mind this seminar is for YWAM Staff or those applying for YWAM Staff only.

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Course Outline

Many of us lack the insight and understanding that would equip us to “do” life as God has called us to. We desire to become like Jesus but we feel “stuck”. We want to grow and mature, and we can’t understand what is lacking or holding us back. We find ourselves committing to love like Jesus, but we often lack the long term follow-through.

Perhaps we have difficulty in personal relationships or we find ourselves repeating the same relationship patterns that lead to discord, offense, and isolation. Or, perhaps we are pretty good at relationships but those around us do things that we can’t understand, leading us to inner frustration and critical judgements.

BECOME was designed to help you understand WHY we all do the things we do and WHY we can’t seem to move toward long-lasting healthy relationship patterns. We pray it will help you identify your needs, your lack, and areas that can be strengthened, so that you can breakthrough and BECOME the YOU, you are meant to be. We pray it will increase the grace that you have for others, helping you put aside critical attitudes and walk in greater unity & love.

Topics You'll Cover

Walking with Immanuel: Inviting Jesus to walk with us, through the ups and downs
of life.
What trauma is, types of trauma, and how trauma & loss effect us in adulthood.
What Christian maturity looks like and how to attain it.
Being present with Jesus when we are facing personal challenges, anxiety and
The impact of family & early attachments on our relationships and personal
Overcoming the hindrances from our pasts and BECOMING who we are meant to be.

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