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Gap Year Program

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As school comes to an end, the doors open wide; a world of opportunities is in front of you! Especially if you’re unsure of a calling/purpose moving forward into further education or a full-time job, it can be a huge game-changer to take a time to travel, to serve, to do something new and adventurous. Gap years help young people to find their passions, explore their gifting and talents, and get real-world experience. Meet new people, grow in character, find Identity. That's where our Discipleship Training School comes into play! A school, a gap year program, designed to do just that. 


If you’re a Christian by family background, or have been in church your whole life, you might understand this: Because it’s always been there, we can get so used to the everyday life that surrounds the lifestyle of Christianity, but we can sometimes miss out on the personal invitation to follow Jesus.

This invitation does not come without a calling to pick up your cross, and to be a disciple. There is sacrifice, and with that, a step of faith to surrender our old and sometimes broken ways of life, to enter into what we know we need above all, which is a living relationship with God. We want to invite you to take a gap year; to set apart a time in your life to truly discover who you are, who God is personally to you, and be a part of a missions movement that is changing the world.

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