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What is a Discipleship Training School?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intensive 5-month discipleship program designed to equip you to Know God and Make God Known.

Start by building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, get trained to share the gospel in any context, then be sent out to the nations to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

*Applicants must be 18 years of age before arrival date.

Know God DTS Page

3-Month Lecture Phase

  • Attend daily classes focused on learning who God is and who He's created you to be
  • Discover God's heart for the nations and find your calling to influence society
  • Live in a thriving community made up of nations all over the world
  • Experience the radiant city of Mazatlan full of cultural beauty and delicious food
  • Get hands-on experience from our local ministries
Make God Known DTS Page

2-Month Outreach Phase

  • Get sent to the nations to spread the love of Jesus Christ
  • Preach the gospel, feed the poor, heal the sick, and share your testimony
  • Immediately put into practice what you learned in the "Lecture Phase"
  • Travel with your fellow students and staff that have become like family
  • Be pushed outside of your comfort zone as you hear and obey God's voice


What is the Ekballo DTS?

The word Ekballo is to cast out, drive out and send out with a notion of violence.  (Matthew 9:38)

We will foment a cultural revival by creating an environment where you can maintain zeal for the Lord during your DTS, but more importantly when you go to where ever God is calling you. We want to send you there! Whatever Sphere of Influence or Society being Family, Religion, Education, Government, Media (Communication), Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, Sports), or Economics (Business, Science, Technology). We want to send you to those places! Bringing forth a lifestyle and culture will reflect God in you leading to a shift and transformation in the people, places, and spiritual environment around you.

But before being sent out (or Ekballoed), we will spend time learning more about God, His Nature, what He is thinking of you, and your original design!

Encounter God

Start out by taking intentional time to know God more intimately, finding first your purpose and identity in Christ. Everything we do must be grounded in the truth of who God is.

Get Trained

Our hands-on training gives you the platform to be able to discover and develop your gifts and talents so you can use them to make God known anywhere He calls you to.

Be Part of Something Bigger

DTS is the starting point for the adventurous ones who want to be part of something bigger than themselves: Knowing God and Making God Known.

Take Action

What we learn doesn't just stay in the classroom. We take it to the nations! You're invited to the greatest adventure of your life.


Not sure if this DTS is right for you?

Take our quiz to find out which one is right for you! 

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