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Become a Missionary with YWAM

Become a Missionary With YWAM!

Many have the call to go out into the nations, to live out their passion to serve, love, and be a part of God’s Kingdom coming to earth! The question of what that looks like, and how it can be done, can be a bit more difficult to discover. For those that are ready to take that step into missions, we invite you to the Discipleship Training School!

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Many questions with full time missions are along the lines of: How do I know when I should go? Where do I go? How can I use my gifts and talents? Am I ready for this? Above all, the Discipleship Training School is a time devoted to cultivating a living relationship with God. It is out of our experience of God that we are transformed, grown, and then “sent” into missions, once we are rooted in him and listening to his guidance and direction.

During your school, throughout classes, local and world-wide ministries, and mentorship, you’re on a journey of depending on God for everything. Many times God calls us out into the unknown, to sacrifice our comfort.

DTS Equips you to: Clearly hear God’s voice and act! Pioneer new ministries, boldly exercise and share your faith, have real field experience with mercy ministries, evangelism, and creative outreach. Our DTS is the launching pad that gets you into missions, in whatever form you dream of! 

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