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A short but intensive time set aside for young people who want to see their leadership
potential strengthened and developed. It's designed for those who have a desire to grow
as a leader themselves in order to equip others. Whether they have just completed a
DTS, or already been staff in a DTS or other YWAM ministry, all are welcome.

We all know that leadership is “caught” just as much as it is taught. Many of the
leadership values that form our own ministry philosophy are probably lessons that
we learned through positive or negative experiences with leaders that we worked

The B2B will give participants practical steps to help them develop as a leader. The teaching style is interactive, with the use of many different group activities for maximum learning. All B2B seminars include worship, teaching and application, intercession, ministry and times of experiencing God together.

*Please keep in mind this seminar is for YWAM Staff or those applying for YWAM Staff only.

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1. The starting point - My Passion for God

2. Me as a Leader! - How my personality and gifting can work together with others to form a dynamic team

3. Godly Character as a foundation - growing in some of the qualities necessary if I am to follow in Jesus’ footsteps

4. How can I help others to grow - basics of being mentored and mentoring others

5. My task in getting the Job done! - the skills needed to develop an effective team and establish a clear vision. 


1. Spiritual leadership - passion for God 

2. Strategic leadership – a clear purpose - begin with the end in mind

3. Servant leadership - leading with a developmental bias

4. Self leadership – living a life of integrity and providing a model for others to follow

5. Shared leadership - functioning in team

6. Structured leadership – practical planning and organising

7. Sensorial leadership – for creative expression and application

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March 30 - April 3

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*Please note that prices are subject to change and go into effect as of July 1, 2020.


Full Program

All Nations - $250

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