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Art Evangelists School

Art Evangelists School


The Art Evangelists School (AES) is designed for those who love God and love being creative at any level of skill. We believe visual artists have a God-given role and place in every sphere of society, people group, generation and nation. In this school, we study various art mediums primarily focused on visual arts and unpack what it means to be a godly artist, someone who creates from the beauty and life that is inside them.

WorshipbyAnnieShannon-3Our aim is to train you, the artist, to be an effective cross-cultural evangelist – that you'd seek to display the splendor of God to the nations through visual arts, and be able to work as an individual and in unity as part of a team. We do this in submission to and including the Holy Spirit in the creative process in order to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and minister the truth to any culture.

In YWAM we provide a live-learn environment. We believe that when you're able to apply something to your life, you learn it at a deeper level. To be an artist, it's not enough to just study art therapy. Likewise, to be a godly artist, you also need to apply God's truth to your life. The AES includes two phases – lecture phase and outreach phase – that will grow you in your artistic ability as well as your character as an artist. Both phases are designed for you to be able to better live out your passions and calling, and we believe that everyone has the potential to use art as a tool for sharing God's love.


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Successful completion of a Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite for AES.

This school is bilingual - English and Spanish. 

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Lecture Phase

In the AES we want to see you grow in your technical ability as an artist, and also in your character and development as a godly artist, able to accurately and effectively communicate who God is.


With this in mind, each week will present a different topic, whether on technical matters of drawing or painting, the heart purity of the artist, tools of art evangelism or otherwise. You'll be able to develop hand skills through class as well as individual practice times and on-location sessions. During the 12 weeks of lectures you'll have times to co-create with God and serve alongside other missionaries on the base and in the community.

Some AES Topics

  • God the Creator's Nature and Character
  • Holy Spirit and the Design Process
  • Tools of Art Evangelism
  • Urban and Proclamation Art
  • Painting – Acrylics and Watercolor
  • Heart Purity of the Artist
  • Drawing
  • Cultural Relevancy of the Arts
  • Other topics that may include: Photography, Bookmaking, Art Therapy, Graphic Design, Textiles…

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Outreach Phase

The 8-10 weeks of outreach will involve art evangelism in a variety of missions and ministry settings, receiving and communicating God's message to others. Some activities may include engaging the community through art, partnership with churches and ministries, giving away art pieces, therapeutic art, prayer and worship, gospel presentations or any other kind of service. You will also have the opportunity to lead creative projects and share responsibilities within the team.

Arts AES Mural

Art has the potential to cross many barriers and is a tool that enables you to connect with others whether they share the same language, nationality or set of beliefs as you or not. When we draw portraits, paint murals, do art therapy in a rehab center, or make a public proclamation piece (just to name a few), it helps us to share God's heart. An AES outreach seeks to value relationship with people in evangelism, be relevant to the culture, and give sacrificially for the kingdom of God to be established.

Carnaval Mini-Outreach

One thing that we do as a YWAM Mazatlan community is outreach during one of the largest events of the city, and it's during the AES quarter! Carnaval is an occasion that bring hundreds of thousands of people to Mazatlan. The main events happen right in our neighborhood, giving us the opportunity to witness to and serve many a passerby. As we seek to reach the masses around us, art definitely comes into play! We put together creative projects used for ministry which may include painting canvases, putting on plays, musical presentations, one on one art giveaways, interactive art pieces, exhibitions and more. Carnaval ministry is a great chance to get your feet wet in art evangelism and reach out using your artistic gifting!

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Upcoming Schools



January - May 2021, exact dates to be confirmed

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*Please note that prices are subject to change and go into effect as of July 1, 2020.


Lecture Phase

$3,500 USD

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To be paid in full by the 3rd week of lectures.

*You will also be given a supplies list for personal art materials you'll need to purchase before the school begins. Send us an inquiry for more info.

Outreach Phase

$1,200 - $4,000 USD (depending on location) 

To be paid in full by the 8th week of lectures for those travelling outside of Mexico, and by the 10th week for those travelling only within Mexico.

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